Documents Required for Registration

  1. Original and Turkish translation of high school diploma,
  2. "Equivalence Certificate" to be obtained from the embassies or consulates of the Republic of Turkey or Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Turkey, indicating that the foreign high school diploma is equivalent to the diploma from the Turkish High Schools,
  3. The document indicating the graduation grade average, translated into Turkish and certified by the Turkish embassies or consulates, 
  4. The test result of YOS or SAT1 that have the status of Turkish universities entrance examinations or test result of accepted national examinations (Please see the Table 1 below.), translated into Turkish and certified by the Turkish embassy or consulates, 
  5. An approved copy of the official identity or passport identification page,
  6. 3 passport size photos,
  7. Foreign language and Turkish proficiency certificates (Please see the Tables 3 below.),  
  8. Foreign national identification number,
  9. Health board report from a full-fledged hospital or university hospital in Turkey. (For desired units.)

*** Candidates must have a Student Visa in order to be able to register or they should be in the status of foreigners who will not be asked for a Student Visa within the principles set by the Turkish General Directorate of Security. 

*** Those who do not register within the period of registration dates or those who cannot submit documents required for registration are considered to have given up the right to register and the right of registration passes to the reserve applicants respectively.

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